Gas transmission pipelines

SPYRA PRIMO Poland as a consortium leader implements the project “A system of flexible pipes for transporting natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons and other fluids under medium and high pressure for use in the oil and gas industry.”

Goal of the project

The purpose of the project is to develop and commercially implement an innovative system of composite, reinforced RTP (Reinforced Thermoplasic Pipe) pipes for medium and high pressure media.

RTP pipes are flexible bonded structures, and the composites they are made of are fiber-reinforced laminates in a thermoplastic matrix. These pipes are similar to multilayer pipes made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting composites. However, the thermoplastic material for the pipes in question is more flexible, which makes it possible to use thermoplastic tubes under conditions of higher bending stresses. A novelty here is the combination of technical conditions with some aspects unique to bonded flexible thermoplastic pipes, and generally associated with thermoplastics.

The project result

Innovative product functionality:

  • Excellent flexibility,
  • Limiting the number of necessary connections and simplifying their technology,
  • Total corrosion resistance,
  • Significantly lower weight,
  • The ability to monitor the technical condition of the working pipeline in real time,
  • Simple, effective assembly technology,
  • Reduction of transport costs.

Scope of application

Market demand

Target market for SEWR:

  • Operators of transmission and distribution gas pipelines,
  • Suppliers of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation technology,
  • Oil and gas extraction segment,
  • Underground excavations of coal, copper and other minerals,
  • Other branches of the economy.