Plastic pipe

A new trend in telecom

Innovative systems
for industry

Media transport systems
for the mining industry

We create a new value for you, we change for the better
We use our skills to meet your needs
We are specialists in the application of the most advanced pipe extrusion processes
We can provide valuable plastic solutions and we are always happy to talk to you about various possibilities
A well-designed prototype combination with a modern machinery park in the hands of experts ensures that the finished product has the highest, repeatable quality
Zero tolerance! Quality control is an essential element of every SPYRA PRIMO Poland product and process, and is constantly subject to improvement
The right products, in the right place at the right time
Our highest priority is that our clients and business partners should be properly served at all stages of cooperation

Telecom and Microducts

PRIMODUCT is a complete superior quality system to build cable ducts in telecommunication, power engineering and road engineering, ensure the highest operational parameters while maintaining a competitive cost for the investors and pipeline constructors

Mining sector, including mines

CARBOPIPE is our comprehensive, efficient and easy to assemble pipeline system mainly used in mining industry for extracting basics and common minerals in particular hard coal. CARBOPIPE system can be used in places where there is or there is not a danger of methane and coal dust explosion.

Gas transmission pipelines

SEWR is a system of flexible pipes for transporting natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons and other fluids under medium and high pressure, for use in the oil and gas industry.

Industry,energy sector

SPYRA PRIMO Poland is a leading manufacturer of high quality HDPE and PP pipe systems for industrial and civil applications, offered on the basis of the needs of our clients.

Designing, plastic pipelines for individual needs

We focus mainly on the production of non-standard pipe systems with special requirements, which should be manufactured in accordance with current specifications and standards, using the latest production technologies.


Spyra Primo Poland Sp. z o.o.
has been producing since 1993.

We are specialists in the application of the most advanced pipe extrusion processes, and having a modern machine park we can guarantee that the finished product has the highest, quality. Know-how in the selection, design, construction and optimization of products, cooperation with scientific and research institutions, universities offer benefits to all parties of cooperation.

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